All people enjoy beautiful things, we are programmed to feel attracted to what we consider aesthetically harmonic or symmetrical. The smile is one of the features of our face that has the potential to draw the attention of others either positively or negatively. Although the smile is something that we can all take advantage of, many people do not feel comfortable with theirs so they end up losing a lot of benefits that they would enjoy if they had a smile that made them feel proud.

This really becomes a problem because it causes people to become withdrawn, shy, not so happy and even talks trying to keep their mouths shut. It can even bring conflicts at a social level because they do not want to be photographed or maintain an expression on their face that is not exactly that of a happy person. Are you also looking for the best smile ever? Yes, look no further and get your dental treatments done from

The importance of a natural and aesthetic smile:

Orthodontics is not a child-only thing. More and more adults come to our practice, who decides to take care of them, improve their health and the appearance of their teeth and smile.

When do you need orthodontics?

Adults today have a greater awareness of the importance of having a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. Thanks to the new orthodontic techniques we can correct problems of biting, crowding or poor positioning of the teeth.

In we have all types of existing orthodontics and specialists with more than 30 years of experience treating orthodontic cases. We work with all types of orthodontics: invisible and with brackets (metallic, aesthetic, sapphire and self-ligating).

We are Platinum Suppliers in the technique of Invisalign, alternative braces orthodontics, in which we work with transparent aligners. Quality is the success of every institution, it is about doing things well, that the person receiving the service thinks the same and is satisfied. In itself quality is the ability of a service to influence the satisfaction of people; quality appears as a key factor in the development of today’s society.

Patient satisfaction with health services is considered an important outcome measure to assess the quality of healthcare and is defined as the degree of agreement (conformity or discrepancy) between expectations and the final perception of the service received. Satisfaction is related to the use of services and changes in the health status of the people served. There are institutions that have implemented systems to assess patient satisfaction in a compulsory way. offers a full range of orthodontic services for adults and children. In addition to conventional brakes, our office provides CERAMIC BRAKES that allow a discreet appearance during the treatment and guarantee that they do not stain. At the end of this page, we show dramatic examples of what orthodontics can do. Invisalign is a technique that allows the use of transparent aligners that are not visible to the eye. Each aligner is made to fit the patient using 3D printing techniques. Different aligners are made that change as the problem is corrected. The advantages are many: aesthetic, since it is not seen and functional since it can be removed to eat and brush your teeth.

Complex treatments at

Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery: There are cases where the problem of the bones of the face is so severe that it can not be corrected only with dental movements. Orthodontics in periodontal problems: Periodontal disease is nowadays one of the most frequent dental pathologies among the adult population. The periodontal treatment will be carried out before, during and after the orthodontic treatment to achieve optimal and lasting results over time. Orthodontics and prosthetic problems, loss of space, lack of occlusion, etc.

All our orthodontic treatments are accompanied by a follow-up by our specialists who verify the correct evolution of the treatment.

Why is it worth to have orthodontics?

  1. You will get a spectacular smile.
  2. You will avoid future health problems.
  3. There are highly aesthetic treatments. Nobody has to notice that you carry it.

Interdisciplinary case: Orthodontics + Exéresis + Implants + Complete restoration with zirconium and ceramic crowns

Problems derived from bad bites and misaligned and crowded teeth:

  1. In case of having misplaced or misaligned dental pieces.
  2. If you are not comfortable with your smile.
  3. If you suffer from tooth tightening or related headaches.

The smile is the passport to many good things

There are two types of apparatus for holding devices at the fixed and the removable.

  • The fixed retainers are glued to the back of the teeth, so they cannot be seen. By being fixed the patient cannot remove them, so it is the best option to use after finishing an orthodontic treatment.
  • The removable retainers they are splints (plastic plates) with the shape of the teeth. They are manufactured from a mould of the mouth after removing the fixed orthodontics. The orthodontist decides the time that the patient should wear this type of retention, although it is normal to put it on every night to sleep, reducing its use over time.

If the patient stops using the retention devices, the teeth may end up moving with the passage of time, so it is advisable to use them for life. – log in here for details:

The replacement of milk teeth by permanent dentition occurs between the ages of six and twelve. It is important to visit an orthodontic specialist at this stage since these are the ages in which the most significant changes occur in the mouth and should be supervised by an orthodontist. Early treatment can prevent malocclusions (deformities in the bite). Although the most common is to perform orthodontic treatments for aesthetics, these are necessary to correct other cases such as the bad bite or overload of the jaw joint. So if your smile is something that embarrasses you at this moment, approach us!