The cordless drill is one of the new aged technology devices that are new to the market that makes any drilling out more efficient and very fast. The machine is really new to some while it is nothing new for some engineers. The cordless drill is one of the portable machines that do not rely on electricity but the quality of the battery in it. This type of drill has made work easier as its target aim is to bore hole in wood, metal and other plain and smooth surfaces. In buying or getting any type of machine, one should understand what it does, its specifications and all the feature and parts it has and this is applicable to cordless drill have it is one of the reigning machines in the construction sector. The cordless drill is designed for woodworking, metalworking, light and bulky constructions, and it can be used by household since it is easy to operate. It is available in different sizes and shapes so choosing the perfect cordless drill will be dictated by the type of work to be used for. The machine works with the help of an inner battery which may be Nickel Cadmium batteries (also known as NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydroxide batteries (also known as NiMH), Lithium-Ion batteries (also known as Li-Ion). No matter the type of battery your cordless drill uses, it will go to deliver a wide range of work although there are different cordless machines for the different task what matters is the power and capacity of the machine. The cordless drill is a buildup of various parts and all work hand-n-hand to carry out different tasks. The important parts of a cordless drill are,

The motor:- this is one of the most important parts of the machine. Its part is inside the body of the machine and it works with the help of rechargeable battery where the motor converts the electrical energy from the battery to mechanical energy doing the rotation of the motor. There are different types of motor and they are classified according to their size, speed, and voltage. A 12-volt drill can be the best option when the task is the light and fastening type of work while the 20-volt drill is mainly made for heavy jobs that will need more power and time before been executed. Another important feature one should consider is the rpm feature of a drill that is very essential for the motor to work efficiently. The average rpm of a drill is set at 1500rmp thus anything less than that is known to be for jobs that are light and might not work for heavy jobs. Most of the cordless drills have brushless motors that make their work more perfect because the brushless motors can actually achieve more rpm with low electricity thus making the cordless drill more durable ‘ powerful and energy efficient an advantage over cord drills.

The clutch:- this is the part that makes it easier to control the machine. It makes it easy to regulate the turning force when carrying out a task and the regulation will be determined by the operator and the type of work the drill is being used for. Some factors that determine the use of clutch are

  • The diameter of hole:- this is a great factor one should consider before using the clutch because if the clutch is not used perfectly it may affect the size of the hole and definitely affect the work.
  • Size of the screw:- this is another important factor that will dictate how to use the clutch because not considering the size of the screw may destroy the work.

Drilling holes require higher rpm than driving fasteners so some of the cordless drills have an adjustable clutch with 20 or more speed that makes it the clutch easier to control because work may split if the drilling process is not controlled.

The chuck:- this is one of the parts that are useful and must be considered because it is the part that tightly grips the bit when the drill is being used. It is a very essential part of the cordless drill and it has different types some of which are ;

  • Keyless chucks:- this is the most common chuck seen in cordless drills. It is may have three or more metal fingers that help in holding a bit and the hand is used in tightening it. The maximum and minimum bit size is a factor to consider in keyless chucks.
  • Hex chucks:- this is a type of chucks that are placed in cordless drills just for the purpose of making it easy to drive long screws.

It is very important to take care of the chuck in cordless drills because it is a very essential part of the machine that makes any task easy to carry out.

The battery:- this is the part that makes the difference between a cordless drill and normal drills with a cord. The battery is mostly located at the bottom of the machine and it may run Nickel Cadmium batteries, Nickel Metal Hydroxide batteries or Lithium-Ion batteries. In choosing a cordless drill, one has to consider the battery life because that can go a long way. The rate at which the batteries charge is another point to consider and it has been proven that the Lithium-Ion batteries are the best because it is new to the market and also have the longest shelf life not that, they charge faster compared to other battery types. Choosing the best battery will boost the efficiency of the machine and thus help in getting the best work done.

These are the important parts of the cordless drill that makes it so unique and extraordinarily different from any other type of drill. The cordless drill has been making work so easy for operators because the machine is so mobile and always delivers the best job efficiently. If you want to know more about the cordless drill, click here.