Remember the time when there was only bicycles to seen on the road? No cars, bikes or buses; just this two-tier vehicle were being used by people to travel from one place to another. It won’t be possible to mention the name of any individual inventor who can be credited with the invention of bicycle.

Over the span of all these years, there have been many changes introduced when it comes to designing a perfect bicycle. The models that were used earlier looked quite different from the ones that are sold in the market at present. Around the late 1800’s, bicycle started to gain immense popularity and people began purchasing them.

The increase in demand for bicycles made it compulsory for the manufacturers to be on their toes and introduce new and better designs of product for the customers to choose from. From racing bikes to cruising bike for the beach, there is nothing which you cannot find in today’s time.

What changes have been introduced in the world of bicycles?

From pleasure riding to enjoying the fun of fitness, today’s modern bicycles are apt for offering various benefits to the rider. The bicycles are designed not only for adults but the children as well, irrespective of any age group. You must have seen various kinds of bikes that are manufactured for undertaking different activities like mounting biking or speed racing.

Each of these bikes are designed in a different manner and there components are also prepared individually in high-tech factories. When buying a new bike, people usually have a habit to get inclined towards those bicycles which offer a classic and sleek design. Same goes for cruising bike for the beach.

In comparison to other bike styles, the cruisers are designed a bit differently. You must be thinking how a cruiser bike can be more beneficial than any other model. Well, let’s get you a bit more informed about this topic in detail.

Why cruiser bikes are more fun than the other models of bicycle?

Cruiser bikes are designed for just one specific reason; to offer complete pleasure to the riders who love biking. In case of mountain bikes, they are designed for the purpose of off-road biking activities. When it comes to racing bikes, there tires are manufactured in a manner so to provide perfect grip and speed to the racer.

However, the cruiser bikes are just meant to give proper comfort to the riders. You can enjoy while riding such bikes all around the neighborhood with absolute fun. To make it more convenient for the readers for differentiating between a normal model of bicycle and a cruiser bike, following are some points that can be referred:-

  • Pedals: – The pedals present on a cruiser bike are quite plain in design, when compared with any other bicycle model. They are kind of flat and are made of plastic material. In other bikes, there are teeth’s present on the pedal which enhances the grip of the rider. However, in cruiser bikes the pedals does not have any such type of teeth’s.
  • Frame: – When it comes to the frame of a cruiser bike, they are different in design from typical mountain bikes or BMX models. The curves are deeper and the entire frame is kind of more convoluted. To offer suitable durability to the bike, the manufacturers prefer using steel for designing the frame.
  • Handlebars: – Handlebars present on cruising bike for the beach are designed in a manner to advance a more contented sitting position to the rider. You can ride the bike conveniently and can also control it properly. Normally the handlebars on a cruiser bike are U-shaped.
  • Tires :- When compared with any racing bikes, the tires designed for a cruiser bike are rather wide as well as tall, about 25-29 inches in height.
  • Braking mechanism: – The handlebar of a cruiser bike does not comes with any hand brakes which are installed in other types or models of bikes. For stopping the bike the rider needs to start paddling backwards. To ensure safety of the rider, manufacturers have now started to install proper hand brakes on the newly designed cruise bikes.
  • Seats: – The seats or saddle installed on a cruiser bike are quite wide. This is one major defining characteristics introduced by the manufacturers. These seats are twice as wide as normal bike models. A spring is used to offer support while riding the bike and it is due to these springs that the bike is able to absorb shocks as well.

Why should you consider buying a cruiser bike?

If you are not yet sure as to why you should be buying a cruising bike for the beach rather than any other bicycle or bike model then maybe the following mentioned points will ease up the selection process for you :-

  • Offers great comfort level: – Cruiser bikes offer great level of comfort to the rider. The sleek design, durable frame and wide saddle is all what you really need to make your ride a pleasant one.
  • Stylish looks: – Taking a tour of your neighborhood while riding on an amazingly designed cruiser bike would make you feel like a star in your locality. Classic styles and prints make you bike look more fabulous and attractive.
  • Carrying capacity: – Most of the specially designed cruiser bikes offers you the chance to carry more stuff with utmost ease. A basket can be installed at the front of the bike to keep things. Carrying grocery stuffs will be more convenient for you now, isn’t it?
  • Full enjoyment: – One thing which the riders are bound to get is complete enjoyment and fun. You can go and ride the bike on a beach, sidewalks and on roads. Feel like a free bird and let the flowing winds freshen you up.

Hurry up now and buy the best quality cruiser bike which comes in an astonishing design with a fine and durable body.