The San Diego Chargers football team is getting a little change this holiday season thanks to Qualcomm, the popular mobile processor manufacturer. The Charger’s home stadium is getting a name change from “Qualcomm Stadium” to “Snapdragon Stadium”. The name comes from Qualcomm’s most popular product, the Snapdragon processor that powers so many smartphones today.

Qualcomm has held the stadium’s naming rights since 1997 is temporarily changing the name starting on December 18th. On December 21st, the Chargers first played in the “new” stadium during the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl and will play once more under the new name during the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl on December 28.

So what’s the reason for the temporary name change? All of the stadium’s signage has been changed to the Snapdragon logo in hopes of marketing the manufacturer’s mobile processor. According to Qualcomm Spokesperson Dan Novak, “we want people, when they are thinking about buying their next device, to ask if it has Snapdragon inside”.

Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made to power everything from your favorite games to videos and music. If you’ve ever owned an HTC Nexus One, T-Mobile MyTouch, Samsung Focus (plus much more), you’ll know the power behind a Snapdragon CPU.

It’ll be interesting to hear about the effectiveness of stadium’s name change. Will attendees leave the stadium knowing what a Snapdragon processor really is, or will the name change have little effect on people’s perception of Qualcomm’s product? It sounds like the former may become true.