A majority of people these days are relying on weed to get through the week or even the day, all over the world. There is no denying the fact that this kind of a lifestyle has taken over our lives and has become universally accepted and recognised as a way of living. Many countries and states have gone ahead and legalised marijuana, a debatable issue that people have had split opinions on for a really long time. Debates aside, the truth is that people find it calming to smoke some marijuana quite often and that’s completely their own choice. But sometimes they land up in a situation where we need to make sure we have no traces of weed in our bodies that can be easily detected. Medical and even employment reasons are two of the top situations where a person can be checked for traces of marijuana through their urine or blood samples. In the states or countries where it is yet not legal, finding traces of it in your urine can really land you in trouble, which can have legal consequences as well.

So what can one do to ensure that no traces of marijuana shows up on a medical urine test or other forms of check ups? The answer is just a click of the mouse away. The internet is replete with options and new innovations on how to get away with smoking a blunt. Website have tried and tested formulae and even simple home tricks that would really make a difference in your lifestyle if you can implement it right! One such successful website is Exit-5.net which contains a detailed analysis of what kind of remedies to use when you are facing a urine drug test for marijuana, and all these techniques have been verified as effective.


When you smoke weed, a chemical known as THC gets circulated throughout your blood system and gets absorbed by your organs. Then the same is carried to your bladder when you need to use the loo, and that is when THC gets flushed out of your body. It is thus obvious that THC would register in substantial amounts in your urine if you have smoked weed that same day. Even worse, THC can stay inside your body for a few prolonged days as well, and can be detected more and more closely through three degrees of testing:

  1. Urine THC tests
  2. Blood THC tests
  • Hair THC detection
  1. Oral fluids THC tests

And all four can closely determine if you have smoked marijuana and how long ago exactly. This sure could land you in a world of trouble! A simple solution to that would be to log on to Exit-5.net and look through all the tips and tricks available. A short summary of these tips is in the section that follows.


There are a number of ways to remove all traces of THC from your urine, but only a few really effective ones. Those are given below:


This is probably the easiest and the most widely accessible way to make sure THC does not show in your tests. If you have to give an unsupervised urine test, you can just fill the little sample jar with the synthetic urine instead of your own and get perfect results. Good brands like Sub Solution and Quick Fix are very reliable and can be blindly trusted to do the trick for you! The only expert tip is to not try and get caught, because some synthetic urine samples can be too perfect to be true, or just too off.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend who has been clean for a while to lend his urine for the test. The bottle can be snuck into the bathroom and used instead of your real urine.


This is definitely a safer route to take than fake urine! Even though it appears to be a bit scary because swallowing pills is a drastic step, but it can be trusted with your THC levels to keep them under the covers. Exit-5.net also confirms the fact that they are not dangerous to consume and are actually really effective. They can either be pills or a liquid that people can consume, and that should dilute your urine down to undetectable THC levels. This is done in a simple way: by making your body stop metabolising THC and thus stop releasing it in the urine. One must be really careful in choosing a good agent, because you will be ingesting it and it could potentially cause a lot of damage too!


This is not a replacement to other forms of THC cleansing, but a supplement to it. This is also more of an advice, because obviously you should not go for the final THC test without knowing if the aforesaid products even work! Imagine the waste of time, money and opportunities if you use products and still end up getting THC on the test results.

Hence, you must invest in a good home drug test kit to find out what works for you. These kits are also super affordable and can easily be purchased from a nearby chemist without raising many eyebrows.


Natural detox remedies are always a hit with the youth and regular weed users, while even Exit-5.net vouches for their credibility. There are mostly a lot of redundant tips and tricks all over the internet that you can go through and then settle on the one you like best. But of course, you also need to try them one to find out if they work at all!

The nest time you go for a urine THC detection test, don’t worry about the results. These products are available all over the market and you can buy whatever suits your body, health and financial needs the best. Happy marijuana!