Gaming is a very common activity that is practiced by several individuals all over the world. Games are played on television connected video games, mobile phones, portable devices like laptops, desktops and other electronic devices. Gaming may seem like an easy task but it is actually quite challenging. One requires amazing hand and mind coordination along with a great deal of concentration and strategizing in order to excel in a particular game. Different games are developed nowadays which attract a large number of gamers. Some people have gotten so much into it that the first thing they do after waking up and the last thing they do before going to bed is playing games. Not ignoring the fact that it is probably the same activity they indulge in the middle of the day as well.

Nowadays people buy special gaming laptops that have improved graphics, RAM and other features that enhance the game’s features and make gaming fun. While some games can be enjoyed individually, others can be enjoyed in a group using the multiplayer options. Different devices containing the same game may be connected to the internet or the WLAN network which forms a platform for the different gamers to play.

The gaming industry has greatly improved or progressed. A large number of technicians like coders, programmers, graphic designers and so on are employed during the game development process. These technicians work tirelessly to develop some of the finest games and improve the already existing ones. In certain cases, new versions of the same old game are released annually with added features and improved quality.

While some games are purchased online or in brick and mortar shops, others are downloaded for free from the internet. Although this is an economical option to choose, care must be taken to download the game file from a trusted and authentic source or website. Some of these files may contain viruses as they are uploaded by notorious individuals plotting a cyber-crime. This is why, after downloading the file, an anti-virus security scan of the device ought to be carried out.

Fortnight – the current ‘in thing’

Fortnight is a multiplayer game that has grabbed the attention of many individuals. This game has mainly popularised among children and teenagers. However, the game is played by a few adults as well. There is absolutely no generalisation that the game is meant only for boys. Such games are considered unisex and can be played or enjoyed by all genders, depending on the taste and liking of the individuals. Some of the important features of the game are as follows:

  • Several players all over the world are connected to one another over a server. This facilitates the multi-player feature of the game.
  • The players can play as a single team or against each other as well.
  • The game has a type of capture the flag approach where the main aim of the game is to defeat the opponents by killing all the opposite team players.
  • The players can also communicate with one another during the game for the purpose of communication and send each other messages.
  • Different weapons which include guns and swords are available at the player’s disposal in order to assassinate the opponents in the game.

The animations and graphics used in the game are definitely praise worthy. The three dimensional effect provided to the different elements seen on screen work great or wonderfully and is definitely a plus point. Several reviews also hold the game high in regard and have been given amazing ratings.

If anybody is interested in shooting or adventurous games, he/she should think of downloading this game and enjoying the wonderful experience it provides. The game helps develop a competitive spirit among the players who gain the knack of accepting challenges and fulfilling them efficiently.

Role of machine learning in the gaming industry

Machine learning has played a very important role in the gaming industry. Machine learning algorithms have been applied to solve several real world problems and develop amusing software. Natural language processing, association learning, deep learning and regression with clustering are some of the major techniques used.

The apriori and association rule learning are the major algorithms responsible for making gaming fun. Association rule learning is the algorithm that helps the computer take decisions and act according to the actions of a user. Basically, they provide the reacting abilities. Other algorithms like regression are used mainly to handle game data. According to a few data scientists, there are about one thousand Exabyte of data available on the earth which is increasing at an exponential rate. Data exhausts are given out by different devices every now and then. Most of this data comes from applications and games.

Game genres

There are different types of games available for different occasions. Mobile games and applications however, have a greater diversity. These games can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Informative: these games are educational in nature. Most children are advised to play such games as they are recreational as well as educational. The player learns something each time he/she plays the game. It develops different aspects of the player’s personality including thought process, vocabulary, numerical skills and so on.
  • Recreational: these games usually, do not have any educational touch to it. They are meant solely for entertainment purposes. However, they do help improve concentration and coordination.

Apart from these main categories, other sub categories like adventure, sports, fantasy and so on are also present. These are considered as the different genres of games. It is important for a gamer to be able to excel in almost every game genre. Different games develop different skills in an individual. In this way, all round development of the mind and some parts of the body can be obtained.

Nowadays, fantasy games have become very popular. Some fantasy games include betting and gambling as an integral part as well. In a fantasy game, the gamer creates a virtual team and scores points depending on the actual performance in the real world of the player selected. Depending on the points earned, a rank list is generated and the winner is chosen accordingly.

Many gaming tournaments are organised all over the world in which, several gamers from different parts of the flock and compete against one another. Some tournaments have league stages followed by knockouts, some have only league stages while others have only knockouts. Such tournaments get a fairly large amount of scholarship from different companies, some being multinational as well. These tournaments are enjoyed not only by the players or participants but by the spectators as well. The winners of such tournaments get amazing prizes and above all, the recognition of being a master at a particular game is also obtained.

Many parents try to stop their child from playing games. Although it consumes time, gaming is not a bad activity to indulge in if it is done within limits and the child should be allowed to enjoy the gaming fun.