The construction of our house is a stressful but very rewarding experience. There is a kind of mystical dance in the creation of something from nothing and that is something beautiful to experience. But the process is difficult, so we must have patience because only then we will have the house of our dreams before our eyes. We must be very aware of the decisions we have to make to make this project a reality and a fundamental one is that of the roof: it is, basically, the decision on which material will give us the best shelter at the time of inclement weather. For that we must know the characteristics of the type of roof, what house we want to have and the climate of the area in which we will build.

While it may seem a purely aesthetic decision, the roof matters and we must take into account several factors to choose the best option. Not only do we have to consider the budget we have, but also the environmental credentials of who sells it, the duration of the material we will install and the weight and resistance to wind and fire. While concrete is a material for ceilings that resist fire and with very strong architectural structures, the truth is that it is very expensive. In order to decide which the cheapest material is, we have to make a couple of considerations. First of all, we must take into account the place and the climate in which we live since they are two important factors when deciding which roof to install.

In addition, we must be aware of the fire-retardant risk in the area: what we want least is to be burned! It is important, apart, to take into account the weight of the material that we will use since not all structures support the same amount of mileage. Having a roof to house the family and property is one of the wishes of every person. That is why it is important to give the best maintenance and repair it when the time comes or leaks occur. Look for Roofers Toronto, as they are the best!

How and when to do it?

The essential thing in the maintenance of the roof is the change of roof tiles. Typically, in this country, tiles are made of wood, cement, clay or ceramic. And for consumer convenience, several companies offer various kinds of tiles that improve the appearance of the roof while maintaining the cost of housing and accommodating residents with their property. Roofers Toronto, a manufacturer of roofing materials has more than a dozen options.

According to the company, each of its four categories offers “the combination of style, colour and price to your liking”. In addition to the variety of styles, we offer a lifetime guarantee, something that must be taken into account when it comes time to change the roof. In addition to good looks, it is important these days to consider the problem of global warming. The roof of today requires being effective in the conservation of energy in the home.

Roofers Toronto – what to consider?

In that sense, there are also three aspects to consider when projecting the roof:

  • Climate: the first aspect to consider is the place and the weather. If it is an area with intense and very frequent rains, the sloping roof is better. Given the inclination of the roof, the water will be easily evacuated. This does not invalidate that flat roofs can be made if the aesthetics of the house imposes it.
  • Vegetation: where there are many trees, drains are usually obstructed. In these cases it is advisable to resort to the flat roof with free runoff, which is without gutters. In this way, the sheets will not be retained by any construction element of the roof.
  • Use: what counts here is whether it will be accessible or not. That is, if it will be used as a terrace, then a flat roof should be chosen.

Within this option, several termination possibilities are found. The most common is the terrace with the typical tiles. There are variants, such as a garden terrace to gain more space in homes where there is not much patio or background. Another option is the combination of flat roofs with sloped roofs, where the flat parts are used as terrace balconies.

Roofs of wood

In the case of wooden roofs, it is necessary to take into account the type and quality of the material. Today compensated or multi-laminated wood is applied, in eucalyptus and pine, for its technical capacity, elasticity, and durability and, above all, because it does not tend to be deformed by the grain.

Thermal insulation

Finally, a roof not only prevents the filtration of rainwater: it must also keep the environment cool in summer and warm in the winter (thermal insulation). It can be done in different ways or techniques: layers of light and porous materials (expanded polystyrene), glass wool or polyurethane spray. They are applicable both in the planes and in the inclined ones. See what the Roofers Toronto, has for you!

The minimum slope in ceilings of any type of material depends mainly on the predominant winds in the area, the type of fit of the pieces of coating and the size of them (the smaller they are, the more the number of joints and possible places increases water input). It is necessary to attend the statistical data of winds and rains in the area and experiences with different slopes. While from 1 to 3 centimetres per meter towards the discharge mouth is the minimum slope of a flat roof to drain the waters.

The costs however, of the Roofers Toronto typically on what you want and how big or small your area of roof is! But, in any case no matter either you are looking a roof for a house, office, building or a company, Roofers Toronto assure that they will offer the most efficient work along with the materials that have a durability and also the process are very less if compared to other roofing services.