The iOS also has some unique features and apps that set iOS Apple mobile platforms apart from other mobiles. The following are some of the best iPhone Apps of 2017. Even if you do not have an iOS device, you can still read this article as it may help you understand iPhone apps better if you were planning to invest in the latest iPhone models on the market.

Moji Maker:

In today’s world, we use our phones to deliver any message and emojis are a key element which we include in our texts to show our expressions. An emoji is something which gives life to the text messages. Even though there is so many emojis, we always feel that something is missing. The Moji Maker app lets you construct your emoji; you are allowed to load shapes, add facial features, hands beards, and sci-fi shades.  You can also adjust the shape and the size of the emoji.


If you think you are using your phone too much and want to concentrate on something else for some time, then the Forest app can keep you on track. You need to download a virtual plant which grows into a tree if you do not use your phone. If you use your phone, the tree gets brutally cut off. If you switch the app, then the app sends you a warning message. So to keep your tree alive, you must not use your phone and based on the time you do not use your phone you are awarded more plants and coins.

iA Writer:

If you are a writer and feel that writing on your phone can save so much of your time but think that there is not a single app which makes wring on the phone smooth, then you need to download the iA Writer app. It is a great tool which helps you write using the phone. You get the word count at the top of the screen, and you also get the reading time prediction.


Have you ever felt that you look great in a picture, but there is something in the background which spoils the whole photo? Exacto app removes the background of the photograph. All you need to do is tap out the outline of the image you want in the picture, and the background can be removed.


Remembering multiple passwords for various things can get hard. 1Password is an app which keeps track of all your passwords, and you can also sync the app with your desktop and keep your accounts safe. All you need to do is remember one password and all the others are saved securely in the app.


If you ever have trouble finding a mode of transport to reach your destination you can download lyft and hire a cab which takes you to the desired location. The app is not functional in many cities, but if it is functional in your town, then you can use it.


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