At present the mass production of any type of products is something very common for the companies that are responsible for their distribution. However, not all manufactured products are sold immediately, so it is necessary to store these products.

It is for this reason that it can be said that most of these companies have some type of warehouse where to store products that will then be distributed. Said warehouses must have the capacity to receive a large quantity of merchandise and at the same time allow finding such merchandise as quickly as possible when it is going to be extracted from the warehouse.

This is where the need to have a type of storage system capable of allowing an efficient handling of the merchandise that is going to be sold at a certain time is born. In this sense one of the most common systems used today is the compact storage system or drive in racking. Said system consists of the use of structures constituted by rails that have the purpose of optimizing the space in the warehouses.

A compact storage system allows you to store a large amount of merchandise of different sizes and weights without any problem besides what facilitates the organization of said merchandise and its extraction.

Then, knowing this information, you can talk about some of the advantages of using a drive in racking storage system. Some of the advantages that we can highlight are:

  • Space can be optimized by an estimated 80%. This is very important for companies that do not have a large warehouse, allowing storing more merchandise in a small space.
  • It offers a very efficient merchandise organization system where the merchandise that is saved first is the last one that is going to be distributed. This organization is vital to maintain efficiency in the distribution of any type of product.
  • There is almost no restriction on the weight or type of merchandise that can be stored. It should be noted that for this to be accomplished it is necessary to have made the installation of the storage system correctly.
  • The installation and dismantling of the drive in racking storage system is very simple so it does not take much time to be 100% operational.
  • The loading and unloading of merchandise is carried out quickly and efficiently, provided that there are workers with experience in the use of forklifts.

These are some of the most important advantages that can be highlighted from the use of a compact storage system. This form of storage has become very popular in recent years due to all the advantages established above, which is why we recommend that you conduct a more thorough investigation if you want to know more features.

How to obtain a compact storage system?

Obtaining a drive in racking system of this type is very simple since the use of such a system has become very popular today. Every day more companies want to store their merchandise using a compact storage system.

So, to obtain one of these systems it is necessary to contact a company specialized in the subject. Said company will be in charge of selling or renting the necessary rails for the storage of the merchandise.

Said company will be responsible for the installation of the rails of the storage system depending on the size of the warehouse that is available as well as the height that it is desired to occupy. It is very important to emphasize that you should look for a company that is capable of quality work.

This is necessary since the installation must be carried out quickly and efficiently, bearing in mind that said rails must support large loads.

How to perform uploads and downloads in a compact storage system?

One of the most common questions with this type of storage system is how to load and unload merchandise. First of all, it must be taken into account that the use of a forklift truck is necessary.

These are vehicles manufactured specifically for this type of work, so that they have a mechanism that allows elevating the merchandise to a set height. For this type of work it is necessary to have a staff specialized in driving these vehicles since it represents a high risk job.

Then once you have the forklift the merchandise is placed in said vehicle and driven through the channels that are in the storage system. It is necessary that at the moment of introducing the merchandise in said channels, it must be raised to the height that it is desired to place.

After this, the driver of the forklift will be responsible for lowering the goods to the rail where it will be placed, slowly to avoid any type of accident. In the event that you want to unload the goods from the rails, it is necessary to follow this same procedure, but vice versa, where the forklift will look for the goods that are needed and will be removed from the rails slowly and slowly.

Types of storage system

There are two types of storage systems commonly used in warehouses around the world. The only difference between these types of storage is that in the drive in racking the loading and unloading is only done in one direction. While on the other hand, the loading and unloading in the storage system drive through racking is in two senses, that is to say, that two channels are needed for the entrance and exit of the forklift trucks.

The use of this type of storage systems will depend on the warehouse in which it will be installed as well as the needs of the company.