As any small business owner can tell you, running a startup company isn’t easy. Tasks, like obtaining clients and perfecting your products, are hard enough, and the last thing on your mind is how to protect your company’s digital assets. So here’s a quick reminder of Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Yes, that even includes your company’s computers getting infected with viruses, but before the headaches begin Symantec has the best products to protect your company.

Symantec has a variety of software to help protect your Small Business from the latest online threats. This past September Symantec launched two new versions of their Internet Security 2012 and Norton 360software packages. For $59.99 a year, Norton 360 actively watches for digital threats and removes them without interrupting your workflow or slowing down your computer.

Norton’s Internet Security 2012 software snaps into your browser and protects you from online threats like harmful websites and malicious files all without slowing down your computer. Norton Small Business by Symantec can help you determine which of their many products can help protect your company. If your work environment consists of Apple computers, Symantec also has products available for Mac OS X in addition to their Windows products.

Working in the IT field, I’ve had my fair share of infected computers come across my desk. Removing viruses, malware, and the like can sometimes be tricky, so protecting computers with products like Norton 360 is a must. Preventative maintenance can go a long way when it comes to protecting your small business.

What antivirus software are you currently using? Which Norton antivirus product would most benefit you and why? Let us know in the comments below!