I know, I know. When will Mozilla stop with all these Firefox updates? It seems not anytime soon because tomorrow marks the day that Firefox 9.0 is officially released. As usual, the official update has hit Mozilla’s FTP servers letting avid Firefox users get the update a few hours ahead of time. We have the download links and all the info on what’s new in Firefox 9 including improved Mac OS X compatibility, a new UI for Android tablets, and more.


JavaScript Type Inference

Mozilla developers have been working on this feature for over a year now, and now the time has come for a public release. If you’re an average Firefox user, you probably won’t notice much of a difference when it comes to the new JavaScript type inference.

But for those who have dipped their feet in the field of programming, Firefox’s SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine will now be able to predict variable types (such as integer, string, etc.) instead of relying on the code’s variables. It then uses those predictions when generating JIT compiled code. For a more detailed explanation, check out Mozilla’s Firefox Engineer, Brian Bondy’s, take on the new type inference handling.

Improved Mac OS X Lion Compatibility

If you’ve been using previous releases of Firefox on Mac OS X, you’ll be happy to know that multi-touch gestures (like natural scrolling) have been added. Firefox will also feel better aesthetically thanks to an improved theme integration.


Inside the mobile version of Firefox 9 comes a new user interface for Android tablets. Ian Barlow, the visual designer for Firefox Mobile’s User Experience team, has posted more screenshots like the one above on his Flickr page.

In addition to all the aforementioned updates, there have been additional improvements with the way Firefox handles HTML5, MathML, and CSS standards. There is also an update to the way Firefox handles the previously implemented “Do Not Track” feature; it now uses JavaScript instead of just reading HTTP headers which ultimately speeds up the process when websites check your tracking preferences.


If these changes are starting to sound good, head over to Mozilla’s official FTP server and start downloading Firefox 9 now. The update will officially be out tomorrow, but I know you just can’t help yourself when it comes to getting things before others.;) Hit the download links below to start upgrading now.

Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

What browser are you currently using? With Mozilla pushing updates every 6 weeks, we don’t see why anyone wouldn’t download a copy of Firefox now.