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New Future iPhone Mockups – Apple Worthy?

New Future iPhone Mockups - Apple Worthy?

Forum users over at the 9to5 Mac Forums have posted two iPhone mockups based on current iPhone rumors. Of course these mockups almost never reach users hands, they’re still fun to imagine using. And then there are some people who take mockups a little too far. Below are two mockups that were created to reflect rumors surrounding the new iPhone that will be released this year and iOS 6 which will be released during Apple’s WWDC in June. Continue reading →

Apple Announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple Announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Lots of changes are coming your way if you’re a Mac user. Apple announced their latest version of the Mac OS X operating system version 10.8 called Mountain Lion which is available for developers to download now while the rest of us will have to wait for its official summer release. Tons of new features are packed into Mountain Lion including Messages, Reminders, Twitter, and many more that will take Apple’s desktop OS one step closer to its mobile operating system iOS. Continue reading →

Best Buy Survey Hints at New Apple iTV Specs

Best Buy Survey Hints at New Apple iTV Specs

Best Buy customers have been tipping off The Verge about a new survey that Best Buy has been pushing out. What makes this survey stand out compared to other, more annoying surveys is that it asks strangely specific questions about Apple’s rumored HDTV. It even goes as far as listing specs, such as 1080p resolution with iCloud integration. Whether or not you believe the details, it still makes you wonder what Best Buy is trying to accomplish by sending out this survey. Continue reading →

The Untethered Jailbreak for A5 iDevices Has Been Released


It’s official: the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 have finally been jailbroken. Late last night, MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team tweeted that the A5 jailbreak was on the verge of being ready for public release. The jailbreak “dream team” just had to work out a few kinks in the actual jailbreak software and they’d release it shortly after. Well now that time has come. Continue reading →

Apple’s Education Announcements Began With Steve Jobs and NeXT


Apple had a number of announcements during its education event yesterday. They announced an update to iBooks with new interactive books, a brand new authoring tool called iBooks Author, and a new iTunes U app for iOS devices. But we’re not here to talk about what Apple announced at their event today or the other things that everyone seems to be talking about. Instead, we’re going to take a trip back in time to the mid-1980′s when Steve Jobs left Apple and was just 90 days into his next big company called NeXT. Continue reading →

Apple Updates iBooks With New Nighttime Mode and More


Late last night Apple released a new version of their ebook reader and online store application, iBooks. Any current iBooks user will appreciate the biggest change, nighttime mode, which inverts text and background colors. So long are the days of blinding yourself when reading in bed at night. For the typography buffs out there, 4 more fonts have also been added along with 5 different highlighting colors. Continue reading →

How To: Enable 3 Hidden Features In iOS 5 Without Jailbreaking


Think you know everything about iOS 5? Before you answer that question, you should know that there are a few hidden features you might not know about. The Camera app has a feature that allows you to take panoramic shots just by shifting your iDevice left or right.

What was once restricted to WiFi only, high definition YouTube videos can be played over 3G. Finally, an Android-like Autocorrect bar appears over the standard keyboard when enabled. The best part is that it will take you less than 30 minutes to enable all three features and we’re here to show you how! Continue reading →

How To: Fix iBooks From Crashing On Jailbroken iOS 5


If you’ve updated your iDevice to iOS 5 and did the smart thing ;) of jailbreaking it, you may have noticed that iBooks instantly crashes after opening it. The reason iBooks crashes is because of the sandbox – partitioned app folders that are protected from other apps accessing them – protection in iOS 5. As with every iOS release and jailbreak, the jailbreak community eventually fixes every issue and this problem isn’t excluded. Let’s get started on how to fix iBooks from crashing in jailbroken iOS 5. Continue reading →

Our Giant Roundup of Apple’s Announcements From Today’s iPhone Event


Apple held its 5th iPhone event today in Cupertino, California. They did things a little bit different by combining both their fall iPod announcements with a big iPhone announcement. Things didn’t go quite as well as the rumormill predicted, but Apple still introduced 3 new products along with several software upgrades and features. With today’s announcements from Apple paired with our opinions, we present to you our major roundup of Apple’s iPhone event. Continue reading →

Where Can I Watch Apple’s iPhone Event?


We’re less than 2 hours away from Apple’s iPhone event, and, like us, you’re probably wondering where you can stream the event. Unfortunately, Apple isn’t officially livestreaming the event (nor is anyone else I know of), so you’ll have to stick to one of the many live blogs out there. We’re not going to liveblog the liveblogs (hah), so we’ve gathered up a list from some of our favorite publications whose liveblogs have never let us down in the past! Continue reading →