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pinglio’s Top 3 Apps of 2011


We here at pinglio have reviewed a ton of apps this year. So now we’re rounding up each of our top 3 favorites and the download links for you guys. We’re glad to have found these amazing apps and we’d recommend them to anyone. And if you’re looking for some limited-time holiday freebies, there are plenty to in our list. So without further adieu, we present our top 3 favorite apps of 2011. Continue reading →

The Best iPhone Apps of 2011


2011 was another great year for iPhone apps. With over 600,000 apps now in the App Store and the Android Market closing in fast at half a million, mobile applications will continue to drive our generation of innovative and disruptive technologies. A number of trends highlighted this year. For instance, tablet devices like the iPad are becoming more mainstream in households. Continue reading →

Anti-Theft Software Prey Now Available for iOS


Within the past decade, mobile devices have allowed us all to communicate with others in variety of ways – calling, texting, tweeting, emailing, and the list goes on and on. Such a convenience comes with a price though. Mobile devices are just that – mobile, and it’s just as easy to slip the phone in your pocket as it is for it to slip out of your pocket. When that happens, let’s hope you had Prey installed. Continue reading → Offers 50 GB Online Storage Free To iOS Users


In response to Apple’s iCloud release Wednesday, launched a very favorable promotion for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users Thursday. iOS device owners can receive a free 50 GB lifetime Box account for sharing and file storage now through December 2, 2011. To receive their automatic upgrade, users can download the Box app on their iPhone or iPad and register or sign in to their account. Continue reading →

App Review: Google+ for iPhone


There ain’t no doubt about it: Google+ has been growing, growing, and growing. Two days ago, the service was reaching 18 million registered users and 2 million of those users registered in a single day.

It’s easy to associate Google+’s success to Google’s enormous reach in the tech industry and online, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll realize that mobile is really responsible for the its massive growth. The Google+ Android app has been downloaded at least 1 million times, and just two days ago Apple approved the official Google+ iPhone app. Just one day after it’s release, you can find the app as the top free app in Apple’s App Store. Continue reading →

App Review: the collection for iPad [Ad]

With different media technologies becoming more and more sophisticated, people now have the opportunity to get their news when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it whether it’s from a TV, radio, mobile phone or tablet computer. World events are constantly happening, making headlines, and being published as you read this article. Although this information is easily accessible during this age of the Internet, it can be frustrating at times not having a solid, easy-to-read, and interactive tool to learn more about these events. the collection is an iPad app that attempts to solve this problem by offering high quality images, sounds, videos, and interactive animations within their monthly magazine issues that explore globally relevant topics. Continue reading →

Doodle Jump Update Brings Multiplayer Mode

Before Angry Birds became the App Store’s top paid app Doodle Jump was an iPhone game favorite. Lima Sky, the developers of Doodle Jump, has been steadily releasing updates since the game was first revealed in April of ’09. But now a new update has been released just yesterday that allows players to go head-to-head via GameCenter. You can choose to play over WiFi against friends or play with a stranger via GameCenter. Continue reading →

Trillian: An Old Friend New Again

Back in the day I used to be an avid chat user. To keep up with all my buddies on chat I used a plethora of instant messenger programs. This happened over time as one messenger program replaced another, but alas there were always the few friends who wouldn’t switch. So I had to keep all these programs to keep in touch with all my friends.

I used a program back then called Trillian (yes, named after the girl from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). It was the first of its kind: a program that integrated all messenger programs into one interface. As time went on I started chatting less, and friends migrated primarily to MSN. Trillian was forgotten until about a month ago when I was browsing the new Mac App store, and behold there was Trillian. Has Trillian changed with the times? Can it integrate my new social addictions? Yeah, maybe it can. Continue reading →

My New Addiction: Tiny Wings for iPhone

I’m not a frequent visitor to the Apple App Store. I update my apps and get out quickly. I don’t browse. I don’t rate apps, and I especially don’t read the god-awful reviews. So you’re probably wondering how I find out about new apps. It’s always through word of mouth. If someone writes a blog post of a worthy app, I’ll download it. Or maybe someone tweeting about a favorite app. You get the idea. There is a collection of apps I have installed, and I usually just stick with those.

And then there are the games. I like playing video games, but I rarely play them on my iPhone. It’s not very often I come across an app (let alone a game) that makes me want to jump on my phone at any chance I get. All this changed a few days ago when I stumbled across an app called Tiny Wings. God help me. This game is addicting. Continue reading →

IntoNow Uses Audio Fingerprints to Check You Into TV Shows

Foursquare. Gowalla. GetGlue. Facebook Places. Miso. Tunerfish. Untappd. Yelp. SCVNGR… the list goes on and on. Social check-in services are getting more and more popular as GPS Internet-enabled cell phones are filling our pockets. But now a new player to the check-in game has popped up in Apple’s App Store, and they’re doing it in a different way. Continue reading →