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Unsubscribe Kills Unwanted Emails and Analyzes Your Social Networks For Unsafe Apps


So, you participate in social networking, right? Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (giggle)? What? You don’t?! Well, surely you have email, correct? No? What are you doing looking at this blog, then?! Wait, I’m only joking! Come back! We love our readers! Continue reading →

Rapportive Aggregates Gmail Contacts’ Social Data


Rapportive is a free Gmail extension that replaces Google sidebar ads with practical social networking information about your contacts. This handy, little add-on for Firefox, Safari, Mailplane and Chrome calls up your contact’s social data such as their profile pic, job description (via LinkedIn), and location (via Foursquare or other location-based social apps). Continue reading →

Wunderlist: A Free Cloud-Syncing Task Manager


If you’re like me and need lists to help keep your life organized but you also use several computing platforms on a daily basis, your tasks can often be misplaced or spread across multiple devices. Personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones…where will the onslaught of digital device options end? Or, better yet, where will all my digital task-keeping chaos converge? Unfortunately, technology doesn’t always make life easier, much less organized. I do, however, feel much closer to achieving multi-platform, list-regulating bliss. 6Wunderkinder’s free task-managing app, Wunderlist, allows cloud-syncing for all your to-dos on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web. Continue reading →

Surplus Brings Google+ Notifications to Chrome


Here’s a small extension for all you Google+/Chrome users. It’s called Surplus and it brings the same Google+ notification system you see in other Google products, like Gmail, straight to your Chrome toolbar. Continue reading →

Schedule Emails and More With Boomerang for Gmail

I’m not the only one who would assume Gmail can schedule sending of emails …right? Unfortunately that assumption is dead wrong. And if you think there’s probably a Gmail Labs feature that can schedule emails, that assumption is also dead wrong. Allow me introduce you to Boomerang. Continue reading →