New Future iPhone Mockups – Apple Worthy?

New Future iPhone Mockups - Apple Worthy?

Forum users over at the 9to5 Mac Forums have posted two iPhone mockups based on current iPhone rumors. Of course these mockups almost never reach users hands, they’re still fun to imagine using. And then there are some people who take mockups a little too far. Below are two mockups that were created to reflect rumors surrounding the new iPhone that will be released this year and iOS 6 which will be released during Apple’s WWDC in June.

Adam Johnston Mockup

Adam Johnston first posted his mockup in the MacRumors forums today. He said that he wanted to create a mockup that illustrated the rumors surrounding a new iPhone with an aluminum back casing and larger display.

Patrick Eckert Mockup

Just like Johnston created his mockup based on a bigger screen size, Patrick Eckert also showed off his mockup based on iOS 6, a new charging port, and a darker aluminum body.

Which mockup would you like to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: 9to5 Mac Forums

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