Nokia Issues $100 Refund To Lumia 900 Customers

Nokia Issues $100 Refund To Lumia 900 Customers

Nokia and Microsoft have teamed up to release its Lumia 900 smartphone this past Sunday. There was much hype about the Windows Phone 7.5 powered phone, but shortly after it made its way into customers’ hands, some began to notice an issue with the phone’s cellular data connectivity not be able to reconnect to AT&T’s network. The issue is triggered by simply restarting the phone or putting it into airplane mode. Just 2 days after the official launch date, Nokia has recognized the glitch and is offering customers a $100 refund.

AllThingsD first reported the news of the rebate after interviewing Nokia’s U.S. Chief, Chris Weber. Weber says, “We’re already manufacturing devices with the new software. Those are being shipped to AT&T stores.” Ina Fried of AllThings D writes:

Nokia has created a software fix, and all customers can swap their device at an AT&T store for an updated one or download a software update starting around April 16… The company is offering a $100 credit to all customers, regardless of whether they are encountering the problem. The $100 credit is also being offered to any customer who purchases a Lumia 900 before midnight PT April 21, effectively making the device free.

Yes, folks. That means if you’re itching for a new smartphone or even simply want to try out the new Lumia 900, head over to an AT&T store to get yours for free with a new 2-year contract or renewal. You have 11 days left until AT&T stops honoring the $100 rebate, so act fast.

Nokia’s response to this issue is picture-perfect, and should be set as a precedent for all smartphone manufacturers. Don’t blame the customer. Assume responsibility and credit customers in some way for the inconvenience. I recall a certain smartphone manufacturer doing the exact opposite back in 2010. Then again, this could also be a very clever marketing stunt by Nokia to regain market share. I mean, who doesn’t want a (somewhat) free phone?

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Source: AllThingsD

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