App Review: Key Ring for Android

App Review: Key Ring for Android

A while back I was having a major issue: Fat Wallet Syndrome. It seemed to be associated with Heavy Front Pocket Syndrome as well. Before you start coming to me with your hands out though, let me assure you it wasn’t a bunch of cash in my wallet nor change in my pockets. The extra bulk was coming from full-size membership cards creating a nest in my back pocket and the miniature versions bogging down my keychain in my front pocket. Quoth the Eric, “Nevermore,” though… I found a solution.

Key Ring definitely saved my ass from being so sore. I discarded (heh, see what I did there?) 6 membership cards from my wallet and 3 from my keychain, which made my car’s ignition happy. Plus, at only 3.2 MB before adding any cards, the app is pretty light on your Android device, too. It’s so small because it’s quite simple, really; tap on “Add Card” from the main menu and then scan one of your membership cards. Once it picks up the barcode you select the program with which it is associated, then add a description if you’d like, and you’re all set. No barcode? No problem. Key Ring has you covered.

The app isn’t so simple that it lacks features, though. When you set up an account, you’re able to log into Key Ring on other devices and have your cards with you anywhere. So, if you lost your phone and went to Best Buy to pick up a new one, you could download the app, login, and have your Reward Zone membership card with you. (Yeah, I know… they don’t need the card; they can look it up by phone number… I did work there.)

If you’d like to join membership programs, you can do so directly from the phone as well. Just tap “Join Programs” on the main menu and it’ll bring up available programs in your general location. Some stores even have offers and digital coupons. Key Ring and our local grocer of choice, Kroger, partner with Cellfire to offer the ability to load coupons directly on the device. It’s a great companion to my already installed Kroger app.

Key Ring is definitely one of my must-have apps. I enjoy recommending it to everybody and especially those with a ton of membership cards. Every membership that I’ve tried to add has been available in the app. So go ahead and give it a try. With its simplistic design, advanced features, and even a handy little “selection” widget, I don’t think you’ll find anything better in this category of app.

Android Market Link: Key Ring (Free)
Developer Website: Key Ring App

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  • lauren

    I didnt have a problem loading cards onto my app but i have not been to one store tbat could scan it yet, which is really annoying. Also im unable to fit the ph under the in-store coupon scanner so im unable to use any of those.