Apple Announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple Announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Lots of changes are coming your way if you’re a Mac user. Apple announced their latest version of the Mac OS X operating system version 10.8 called Mountain Lion which is available for developers to download now while the rest of us will have to wait for its official summer release. Tons of new features are packed into Mountain Lion including Messages, Reminders, Twitter, and many more that will take Apple’s desktop OS one step closer to its mobile operating system iOS.

Apple hasn’t been very hesitant when it comes aligning Mac OS X with iOS saying, “With all-new features inspired by iPad, the Mac just keeps getting better and better”. Every update that comes to Mac OS X is just another step towards OS X becoming the “bigger” version of iOS. This idea will become even more evident after you read about the new features coming to Mountain Lion below.


Many months ago we wrote an article asking when iMessages will be coming to Mac OS X, and it seems our question was answered today albeit slightly different than we predicted. What strikes me about Messages is the name itself. On your iPhone and every other device that runs iOS, “Messages” is called “iMessages” even though they’re ultimately the same program. Obviously, it’s not an issue at all, just an observation.

Say goodbye to iChat, and hello to Messages. The new messaging program will be replacing iChat while integrating other chatting services like Google Talk, Jabber, AIM, and Yahoo. Messages also integrates FaceTime although it still operates as a separate application. Mac OS X Lion users don’t have to wait to try Messages as Apple has released a beta version of the program today that will expire as soon as Mountain Lion is released to the public.


Although Reminders was already built into iCal in Mac OS X Lion, Apple has decided to extract the software and make it an app of its own. You’ll find the usual features inside Reminders like prioritizing, alerts, due dates, but one well-known feature for iDevice users is missing: location-based reminders. It would be possible for OS X to determine your location based on WiFi signal, but it’s probably not Apple’s top priority.

Notification Center

Whenever you receive a message, email, FaceTime request (and more), notifications will pop up right underneath the system clock and the Notification Center icon will light up blue. From there, just swipe from right to left to reveal the Notification Center in the right sidebar. When you click on a notification, it will instantly pop you into the corresponding application waiting for your reply.

Many more features

Along with all these great features packed inside Mountain Lion, you’ll also get a handful of other, smaller features like Twitter integration, GameCenter, AirPlay mirroring, and a new security feature called Gatekeeper. Of course all your reminders, notes, messages and more will be synced between your Mac and your iDevices using Apple’s already well-known cloud service, iCloud.

What changes are you looking foward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Apple via The Verge

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