App Review: GetGlue for Android


Sticker hounds, beware of your newest addiction: GetGlue. Although I don’t claim to understand the name or the slogan ”Stick with Us,” I love this service. While it allows me to follow my tweeps and see what they’re doing, it also offers a completely open environment. Users can “check-in” to TV shows, movies, songs, podcasts, books, video games, and more and then converse about the happenings.

You don’t have to follow or know the people in order to interact (although you can), so once you’re done talking about Madden ’12, you don’t have to worry about hating them for also loving Hello Kitty. You probably won’t even see it unless you’re also an Hello Kitty fan, of course. GetGlue calls itself “a social network for entertainment. Check-in to share [previously mentioned stuff], connect with friends, unlock stickers and other rewards from our partners.”

GetGlue as an Android app is very clean and straightforward, much like the website. You have the option to Check-in to things, check what’s trending, and even view your profile. About the only thing that you can’t do through the app is request your stickers. I mainly use the app for checking in while I’m away from my computer, but it truly is a nearly-full replacement if need be. Tapping into a category, such as music, shows what artists have the most check-ins, dubbing them “trending music.” Can’t think of what you want to listen to? This just might help you out! (Except for the fact that U2 is currently trending…) Even update your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Tumblr friends with what you’re doing!

Getting bored playing Words with Friends against the same people over and over again? Use GetGlue to check into Words With Friends, then hop over to the conversation stream and check for some handles to gain some new opponents. While you’re on the GetGlue website on a computer, be sure to drop your WWF name into the stream so people can find you! I’m not sure why this isn’t an option from the app. It’s also a decent way to find opponents for Xbox Live games, but it certainly doesn’t replace Xbox Live friend beacons.

So, if you’re into social media and entertainment in general, GetGlue is worth your time.

Android Market Link: Get Glue (Free)

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  • Kevinwifey

    This new GG app sucks Big Time!!!! I am no longer able to order my stickers or change my pic!!!! Please make changes to your GG app ASAP!!!!!! You have alot of unhappy users!!!!