Nest: A Smart Thermostat That Learns You


There are a lot of creative thinkers and innovators out there today who are changing the way we use our computers, phones, TVs, and much more. But there’s another side of the innovative tech industry that we tend to not give much consideration: home appliances. Things like your refrigerator, washer/dryer, and ovens are used every day, but how often do we stop and think how to improve them? Well, a group of ex-Apple employees took a shot at that challenge with a new thermostat named Nest.

As previously mentioned, the team behind Nest comes from Apple and is headed by Tony Fadell, previous SVP of Apple’s iPod division, and lead engineer Matt Rogers. Other honorable mentions like Logitech’s ex-Marketing VP, Erik Charlton, and Google’s former Head of Innovation, Yoky Matsuoka, tells you this thermostat is unlike any before.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Thermostats? Mine works perfectly fine”, and the team behind Nest realizes most people will think that way. Their introduction video below starts off saying “We didn’t think thermostats mattered either”. One quick look at the Nest, however, and you’ll quickly realize how wrong you were.

What Is Nest?

One look at the Nest product page and you can immediately see why the team decided to create such a great product; according to the EPA “a properly programmed thermostat can cut 20% off your heating and cooling bill“. Nest is all about saving energy and saving you money.

Buy a Nest thermostat and it has one week to learn about you and your family’s schedules. Using its army of six sensors and a complex algorithm, Nest detects and learns when people are present, their schedules, ambient light, temperature (of course) among other indicators. If you’re not satisfied with the temperature that Nest thinks you’ll be satisfied with (bad Nest!), you can whip out your iPhone and adjust the temperature yourself. The iOS app is coming to the App Store soon, and as usual, an Android app is in the works the company says.

You’ll start seeing Nest thermostats pop up at stores like Best Buy next month for $249. Once you pick yours up, check out Nest’s YouTube channel that has a variety of introduction videos that will help get you started with installation and using the Nest.

Source: Engadget | Nest

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