More Rumors: iPhone 5 Hardware Specs


As usual, we’re seeing more and more iPhone 5 rumors as we become closer and closer to its unveiling next week. However, today’s rumor isn’t quite like the others we’ve seen because it dives into the specifics of the phone’s hardware and, in even more detail, the phone’s upgraded Voice Control software called Assistant.


At the hardware level, the iPhone 5 will be receiving an upgraded 1 GB of RAM (compared to the iPhone 4′s 512 MB of RAM), the Apple dual-core A5 processor, and an 8 MP rear-facing camera. 9to5 Mac claims their source on these specs is familiar with the SOC’s manufacturing.

Voice Control

9to5 Mac also went into great detail about the new voice control software called Assistant. Think of it as an super-upgrade to the current Voice Control app. You know, the one where you hold down the home button and the blue screen appears just anxiously waiting for your voice command.

Loading up Assistant is similar to that. Here’s how you launch it:

To activate, the user holds down the home button for a couple of seconds (loads much quicker than Voice Control because of the A5 chip/RAM) and then the microphone interface “slides up” from the bottom in a clever animation. The speech interface doesn’t cover your entire view, just about the bottom fourth of the display – like the multitasking/app-switcher function. The feature even works from the lock screen.


On top of the voice control software, Apple is readying their text-to-speech software according to a “mobile carrier source familiar with the feature’s extended testing”. Placed on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, the user “taps the microphone icon (seen to the right), speaks, and the speech becomes text”. Thanks to the upgraded hardware, this process happens very quickly and is quite effectively.

That’s it for today’s rumors. I’m sure we’ll see even more as we get closer to Apple’s fall event. This rumor had the specifics and, just like myself, I’m sure future iPhone 5 owners are hoping these rumored hardware specs are the real deal.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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