Maryfi Turns Your Laptop Into A WiFi Hotspot


Here’s a hypothetical situation: you’re at an airport and you just paid for Internet access during your 3-hour layover. Your wife and 13 kids are with you and they’re all demanding Internet access on their devices. Instead of forking over the $10 per device, you could simply share your laptop’s wireless connection with your family and spare yourself the $140. Sounds nice, right?

This is where Maryfi comes in. Maryfi is a small program that turns your laptop into a WPA2 encrypted WiFi hotspot. And if you don’t already have a tethering plan on your smartphone or a dedicated hotspot device, Maryfi will save you the extra cash because it’s f-r-e-e (although it is ad-supported).

You can install the program on any Windows 7 laptop (sorry, Mac and Linux users) that have these support wireless adapters built in (and it’s very likely your laptop has one of these). You can even use Maryfi in your home to extend the range of your current wireless router. Just connect your laptop to your router and set Maryfi to act as a wireless repeater!

So next time you’re considering throwing away $140 at the airport on your family to access the Internet, remember Maryfi will save you the cash. And you thought your smartphone was the only device that could share its wireless connection!

Source: Maryfi | Lifehacker

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  • zhen

    worked for me : start maryfi by right click & run as administrator.

  • Mody Zoka

    nice program it’s very easy to use it and works in a good way without any problems