App Review: MeetMoi for Android [Ad]


If you’re looking for your sleeping beauty or prince charming and traditional online methods like OkCupid or eHarmony just aren’t working, you might be surprised to find your answer lies right inside the Android Market. MeetMoi is a location aware matchmaking app for Android phones. It uses your phone’s GPS location and your preferences (gender, body type, height, etc.) to find a potential match just for you.

Setting Up MeetMoi

It was a little difficult for me to find a practical use for MeetMoi as I’m not currently looking for a significant other (sorry, ladies), but MeetMoi still impressed me for a variety of reasons. When I first opened the app, I was presented with easy-to-use and clean looking interface to set up my profile. All you have to do is tell MeetMoi your gender and the gender you’re seeking, upload a photo of yourself, and you’re done.

Using MeetMoi

Once you’re set up with a profile, all you have to do is sit back and let the notifications come in. If MeetMoi detects another memeber meets your preferences and they’re located near you, it attempt to match you and your matchee, per se. You have 60 minutes to accept or decline chatting with that person on MeetMoi. From there, it’s up to you and your match whether you’d like to meet up for a drink or grab some lunch.

So download MeetMoi in the Android Market if you’re looking to find your significant other. I’m not guaranteeing perfect results (and neither does MeetMoi), but it’s definitely a unique way to meet other people. Even if you don’t have an Android phone and you’re interested in trying out MeetMoi, you can jump to their mobile-formatted website on your phone to start using the service now. And of course, for the iPhone users there’s also an app for you.

Android Market Link: MeetMoi Android app
Company Website: MeetMoi

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