Twitter Starts Enforcing New Design. Goodbye, Old Twitter


Almost a year ago, Twitter began rolling out a major redesign of the site’s user interface. It was great to see the team adding more functionality to its web application while other third-party mobile and web apps were surpassing users’ expectations. Lately, we’ve been seeing Twitter go through some major changes, and it seems they’re not done yet (and probably never will be). This week marks Twitter’s abolishment of its old design.

It’s been almost exactly 11 months since Twitter officially announced its redesign. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon (AKA New Twitter) yet, you won’t be getting a choice after this week. Straight from the mouth of the official Twitter account:

According to an October 2010 survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, only 29% of people thought that New Twitter was an improvement. However, you should also consider that 58% of people surveyed didn’t even have an opinion. I’m not quite sure how one could not have an opinion on this over this, but to each his own.

Understandably, Twitter is pushing the update to groups of users at a time throughout the week. That being said, I wasn’t surprised when I was still able to access Old Twitter on both my personal Twitter account and pinglio’s. I am curious if people are still using Old Twitter. For those of you that do, what advantages does the old design have over the new? Or is it just hard to break old habits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Patrick is the founder and editor-in-chief of pinglio. He works as a system administrator and studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two dogs.