iSwipe Brings Swype to Jailbroken iOS Devices


People love cellphones. People also love texting on their cell phones. A few years ago, phone manufacturers began implementing T9 text input on their phones. T9 text input predicted which word the user was trying to type while the user was typing it. It was significantly faster compared to the multi-tap input where the user had to press a specific key multiple times to output one letter (depending on which letter). Well there’s good news now. We’ve come along way since T9 and multi-tap (at least I like to think so). So I present to you… Swype.

Swype was first available on the Samsung i8000 running Windows Mobile 6.5. Afterwards, Swype was pushed to Android handsets back in July of 2010 during a beta test release of the software. It now comes pre-installed on most of the popular Android phones such as the Motorola Droid X and the Samsung Galaxy S. While Apple is usually a company known for being “ahead of the curve”, Swype technology was never implemented in iOS leaving some Android-to-iPhone customers disappointed. But now, sad iPhone users, Swype has been ported over to iOS… kind of.

With a name change and a few more bugs, iSwipe (formerly known as Swype Beta) was ported to iOS for jailbroken iDevices. The software was and is still currently in beta, so take that with a grain of salt. Although the current version is considerably more stable and accurate than the previous, you will begin to understand why the software is still in beta within a few minutes of using it.

The first issue is that it’s not very accurate. I understand that the app isn’t going to be able to read my mind while I’m typing, but the current release is barely worth even using. Typing “bacon” gets me “bassoons”. Close, but not close enough. My girlfriend would think I was insane if I asked her to pick me up some bassoons at the grocery store for my sandwich.

There have been two releases of iSwipe and the former version didn’t even display the blue lines or auto-suggest words while typing. So needless to say, this version is a major improvement in both aesthetics and functionality. However, the auto-suggest bar doesn’t align very well inside some apps ( making it hard to actually see what you’re typing.

Finals thoughts: Awesome that Swype technology is finally coming to iOS? Yes! Practical to use right now? Not so much. I know iSwipe has been available for less than a month, so my criticism of course goes hand-in-hand with my empathy. Plus, it’s really hard to criticize something that is free and in beta testing.

How To Install iSwipe

  1. Jailbreak your iDevice
  2. Open up Cydia
  3. Tap the Manage button near the bottom
  4. Tap the Edit button in the top right corner
  5. Tap the Add button in the top left corner
  6. Add the following repo: is no longer active. Thanks our reader Kattzy444 below, use the repo instead.
  7. Tap the Add Source button and let Cydia do its thing
  8. Click the Search button near the bottom and type “iSwipe”
  9. Choose iSwipe and tap the Install button in the top right corner

Hit the video below for a quick demonstration of iSwipe in action.

What’s your impression of iSwipe? Is it a worthy download now or are you waiting until the developers work out all the kinks? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick is the founder and editor-in-chief of pinglio. He works as a system administrator and studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two dogs.
  • Ee712y

    Pat can you help ? I tried install iSwipe 0.3.0 from the repo and encountered this error msg from Cydia.
    i subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1ii sub-process/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
    Its an awesome apps for those who uses one finger to type and this version is a great improvement to the earlier version 0.1.0 which I installed with no issues.
    It will be a great help if you or your readers can solved the above issues for me.

    • Patrick Bisch

      Try deleting the source altogether. Then add “”.

      • Ee712y

        Its in the latter repo

        • Stacy Romaine

          I’m getting errors no matter which version of the Wynd Repo I try to install. Been searching for better part of an hour trying to figure out why I can’t find Swype or iSwipe or whatever it is called now. Anyone know why when I try to add Wynd, it seems like it’s not taking? And there’s nothing there when I tap what I thought I installed…

          • Patrick Bisch

            Stacy, it appears the repo has been taken down. If you go to repo in your browser, you’ll see the account was suspended by its web host.

          • Fer

            :( Do you know if it is available in any other place?

          • Patrick Bisch

            I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’ve heard it’s in the iHacksRepo. Add it to your Cydia sources:

          • blenky

            Correct I found beta 3 there

  • Jake Johnson

    idk Pat, you might enjoy bassoons on your sandwich!

    • Patrick Bisch

      Mmm bassoons…

  • Chrome262

    Great review, this will be great when they work out the bugs. I have enough problems with not even looking at my text and end up sending auto correct booboos so not going to tackle this one yet.

  • Paul Bailey

    I like it, but as you said the word suggestion bar limits your ability to see what you’ve typed and even if I take my time to go letter to letter it still can guess wrong. So I agree with your review.

    • Patrick Bisch

      Exactly. The whole point of Swype is make typing on smartphones faster (especially one-handed typing). If that suggestion bar is in the way, what’s the point?

  • klo

    thanks! finally got it working

  • Jefft9025

    The repo is broken I can’t add it I want swipe

  • Jefft9025

    That repo is broken now

  • Kattzy444

    I just found the new repo, it was posted on twitter.

    • Patrick Bisch

      Finally someone posted it elsewhere… thanks! I’ve added it to the article.

  • Joey Lopez

    seriously, SERIOUSLY would pay for this once it’s perfected. right now it works great, only problem is that the spaces don’t auto-insert when you type a single or double letter word (a, I, we, or) so it’s tedious to hit space, that and tap-typing goes HAYWIRE typing “hi” sometimes gives hhhhhhhhhhihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii “

  • nawras

    there is a bug in backspace after each word in ipad2 IOS5.1.1

  • Josh Downes

    And did they sort out the bugs?

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