Friday Fun: Classic Nerdy Internet Videos


Ah, the Internet. There are so many videos about the Internet on the Internet, which are now located on this webpage… on the Internet. Okay, I’m done. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare and are looking for a good Friday evening laugh, check out our favorite classic, nerdy Internet videos.

The IT Crowd – The Internet

Have you ever had your parents, coworkers, or friends ask you to “restart the Internet”? We know what they really mean, but phrases like that just sound ridiculous. Restarting the entire Internet, a world-wide network of millions of computers, would take… too long. The IT Crowd mocks this idea in this episode where Maurice, the IT geek, convinces Jen, head of the IT department, that the Internet is contained in a single box. Obviously, Jen isn’t very suitable for her job as you’ll find out in this clip. If you’ve never watched the IT Crowd show, this clip alone will make you a new fan.

The Website is Down – Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

This is the very first episode of four of The Website is Down, a hilarious series of videos that put you in the mind of an IT Consultant who hates his job, but loves messing with his coworkers. Obviously, the videos are acted, but according to their blog, this video is “a mashup of true and mostly-true stories from IT hell”.

The Tech Guy Podcast – Woman Steals WiFi Access

Everybody loves Leo Laporte and his slew of podcasts over at TWiT. But this podcast episode of The Tech Guy had me and others rolling on the floor laughing when it first aired. Unlike the videos above, this woman is not acting. This is a real life caller who legitimately thought stealing her neighbor’s WiFi access was perfectly okay. Leo gives her a quick lesson in obtaining legal Internet service.

CSI NY Episode – Visual Basic GUI Interface

This 15 second clip is definitely a classic. It’s known to us geeks that TV show writers just don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to technology. Just watch this video when you’re done watching the video below to get a good idea of how many Hollywood writers just don’t know the difference between a pixel and a hard drive. However, the interesting thing about the video below is that the writer, Naren Shankar, has a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. It’s quite likely he knew exactly what Visual Basic, a GUI, and an IP address are, but just wanted some good laughs for him and his friends. Clever guy right there; trolling national television.

The Today Show – What Is The Internet Anyway?

Speaking of national television, this unofficial clip that was leaked by an NBC employee (which got him fired) shows the crew of The Today Show talking about email, the Internet, and the @ symbol. Surprisingly, Katie Couric does a decent job of explaining the Internet to Bryant Gumbel by saying, “Internet is, uh, that massive computer network”.

What are your favorite classic Internet videos? Can you explain what the Internet is? Let us know your answer in the comments below!

Patrick is the founder and editor-in-chief of pinglio. He works as a system administrator and studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two dogs.
  • Adam

    The Website is Down – Sales Guy vs. Web Dude is gold.

    • Patrick Bisch

      All of the videos from The Website is Down are gold. In fact, they’re diamond encrusted, golden treasure chests! My other favorite is this one: