App Review: SmrtGuard Mobile Security


About a year ago, I started noticing anti-virus programs for smart phones on the shelves of local consumer electronics stores. I never thought that I’d want or need such a beast on any of my Android devices, but as I started to notice friends with malware issues, I quickly gave in.

My security app of choice is SmrtGuard Mobile Security. (How could I resist the Simpsons reference? I am so smart, I am so smart. S-m-r-t. I mean s-m-a-r-t.) It runs beautifully on my Droid Incredible without causing lag or interfering with any normal operations of the device. It’s much more than a simple anti-virus app.

SmrtGuard Features

  • App Transparency: The ability to see what features applications are allowed to access
  • Anti-Spam: Block text messages from specified numbers; Block calls from specified numbers as well as unknown or private numbers
  • Anti-Malware: Scans for malware, just like your computer’s anti-virus
  • Backup: Save your contacts, call logs, messages, bookmarks, and more in order to easily restore them
  • Restore: Restore the aspects that you choose to backup
  • FollowMe: Tracks GPS location over a determined amount of time
  • And more!

So if you’re the type of user that downloads apps from the web or other unknown sources, this app is for you. If you have a crazy ex that won’t stop calling and texting or the Do Not Call list just isn’t doing it for you, this app can be your best friend. Perhaps you don’t trust Google’s ability to back up or the seventeen other ways that your phone keeps track of your contacts. No matter how you use your phone, at some point in time, this app is going to come in handy.

While there are paid versions which offer more capability, you should definitely look into picking up the free version and taking it for a spin.

Do you think anti-virus apps for smartphones are helping defeat malware? What are your favorite features of SmrtGuard? Let us know in the comments below!

Android Market Link: SmrtGuard Mobile Security (Free)

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  • Chrome262

    I am sure it helps with protecting against Malware, but will it defeat it? No, unless android its completely changed its going to be hard to get that Genie in the bottle. Great review.