App Review: Hanging With Friends


So you have been playing Words With Friends for a while, but you’re sick of the games lasting too long and, not to mention, finding spots for words on the tile board is just a pain. You like the chat feature, but you wish for more colorful characters. Well we have good news for you: Zynga, the creators of Words With Friends, have released another app called Hanging with Friends that we think you’ll enjoy!


Hanging with Friends is hangman-style game with a social twist. Each player creates a word for the other to solve from a given set of 12 letters. Guess correctly and you move to another round; miss it and you lose a balloon that has you hoisted over a lava field. You can miss up to five words before you fall to your fiery death (no pressure), thus ending the match. To help you, there are three lifelines you randomly receive for free or you can use the coins you gain with experience points. It looks like there will be a future option to purchase coins, but it’s not available at this time. You also can choose from male and female characters, and each express their joy or displeasure when you guess words correctly (or not).

Playing With Friends

You can add friends through Facebook or Twitter, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can have the game randomly pick someone for you. You can see your opponents guess in real time or you can skip that and see if they got the word or not. It also has push notifications so you know when it’s your turn just like Words With Friends does.

The Drawbacks

The paid version ($1.99) gets rid of the annoying ads that are present in the free version. These ads are displayed at the bottom during gameplay and pop up when completing a word generation. It’s unfortunate because the ads seem to slow the game down while downloading. Updating the game progress and other information also seems to be a bit slow, but it’s nothing too serious. The game seems to take a massive hit to your battery, so be ready with a charger nearby if you plan on playing this throughout the day. Overall, if you liked Words With Friends, but want something a bit faster, then Hanging with Friends will be a great addition to your Games folder.

Have you downloaded Hanging With Friends? Do you think it’s better than Words With Friends? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

iTunes Link: Hanging With Friends (Free)

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