Our Favorite Jailbreak Tweaks


Here at pinglio we enjoy our iPhone jailbreaks (in case you couldn’t tell) along with the various tweaks ready to be downloaded from Cydia. So we’ve decided to put together a quick list of each of our top 3 favorite jailbreak tweaks and links to the repos you guys can find them at. Of course, this list is not definitive; there are hundreds of other tweaks in Cydia we also enjoy, but these are our favorites.

Patrick’s Jailbreak Tweaks

1) Barrel 2

Category: Visual Tweak
Repo: http://repo.ig33kstas.com
Price: Free

Swiping between pages on your iPhone or iPod Touch doesn’t have to be boring. With Barrel 2 you can change the way page swiping acts with 10 different animations. I’m currently using the Curl and Roll Away animation in the video above. For those of you who are Linux users, you’ll most likely recognize that this tweak is similar to Compiz for Linux.

2) Sublime Lock HD

Category: Visual Tweak
Repo: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/
Price: Free

If you’re looking to take advantage of all that empty space on your lockscreen, Sublime Lock HD does it in a beautiful way. While it’s not quite as complex as LockInfo, it does offer the latest tweet from a specified Twitter user and also the weather of a specified location. It also installs Lockscreen Clock Hide to hide the default clock. After installing, open Safari and navigate to file:///Library/Themes/SublimeLockHD.theme/setup.html to customize weather, Twitter, and theme options.

3) FakeClockUp

Category: Performance Tweak
: http://hitoriblog.com/apt/
Price: Free

The best way to describe FakeClockUp is overclocking your CPU without overclocking your CPU. I know. It doesn’t make sense, but bare with me. Given its name, FakeClockUp artificially overclocks your iPhone’s CPU by speeding up animations embedded into iOS without literally overclocking the phone’s CPU.

For example, think about the last time you opened the Photos app on your iPhone and tapped a photo to email to someone. Do you remember that animation where the photo shrinks, the Mail app is opened, and the photo is placed into an email draft? If that animation process ever seemed slow to you, FakeClockUp attempts to tackle that problem by speeding it up along with every other animation process in iOS. If you’re still reading this and thinking, “What is this guy talking about?”, check out the video above for a better understanding.

FakeClockUp can also be used to slow down the animation process. But then I’ve got to ask: why would anyone want to make iOS slower? Check out FakeClockUp’s settings in the Settings app for different animation speeds.

Marc’s Jailbreak Tweaks

1) WeatherIcon

Category: Visual utility
Repo: http://apt.modmyi.com
Price: Free

WeatherIcon by David Ashman (@Stimpy5050) customizes your weather app (default or installed) to reflect the current temperature and weather conditions. What’s amazing about this tweak is the ability to customize various settings, and plus it’s free! You can also add the temperature and weather image to your status bar.

2) WinterBoard

Category: Visual utility/themes
Repo: http://apt.saurik.com
Price: Free

Change the overall graphical appearance of your iPhone or iPod Touch with WinterBoard. WinterBoard lets artists safely and simply theme almost anything inside iOS while also allowing users to use themes found inside Cydia to change their iOS experience. You can change the look of your app icons, your lockscreen, the phone dialer, and just about anything. Make the iPhone OS your own with WinterBoard.

3) SMS Sounds

Category: Sound Utility
Repo: http://apt.saurik.com
Price: Free

SMS Sounds (or tones) can be downloaded from various repos. There are a few programs out there that can help you make one as well, but why bother when there are thousands of sounds you can download from Cydia? So long are the days when you have to use the default sounds Apple has given you for text messages, mail alerts, and other notifications.

Do you have any other jailbreak tweaks you’d like to share with us? What other tweaks would you like to see jailbreak developers create in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Patrick is the founder and editor-in-chief of pinglio. He works as a system administrator and studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He currently lives in Chicago with his girlfriend and two dogs.
  • http://twitter.com/Chrome262 Chrome262

    For whatever reason sublime drains my batter more, it could be the updates on it. Does fakeclockup add to battery drain, or does it lessen it?

    • http://www.pinglio.com Patrick Bisch

      I can’t really say. My 3GS battery has been terrible for a while now. I’d probably associate battery drainage to Sublime Lock HD just because it requests information (latest tweet and weather) over 3G. I’d suggest changing the frequency of Twitter requests.

      • http://twitter.com/ChiJake8907 Jake Johnson

        I am running a 3GS on ipad 06.15 baseband for ultrasn0w and my batteyr life sucks. Its 9:25 here in italy and im at 69% after a full charge at 7 am.

        This post is great though!

        pinglios new design looks great

  • http://twitter.com/Chrome262 Chrome262

    Oh and fakeclockup when you install it turns off winterboard for some reason, but man is it fast, thanks for turning me on to it. We should do this weekly or monthly

  • Alisonv1993

    transparent lock screen status bar for iphone 4!!!