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How To: Jailbreak Apple TV 2 With Seas0nPass

Apple’s latest version of iOS recently updated for Apple TV with build 8F305. This build, which is also known as 4.2.2 (AKA iOS 4.3) on your Apple TV’s About menu, was released two weeks ago and fixes a number of issues including audio not playing when video content is playing (here’s a full list of changes). Today we are going to be walking through how to jailbreak the latest Apple TV software. Continue reading →

Schedule Emails and More With Boomerang for Gmail

I’m not the only one who would assume Gmail can schedule sending of emails …right? Unfortunately that assumption is dead wrong. And if you think there’s probably a Gmail Labs feature that can schedule emails, that assumption is also dead wrong. Allow me introduce you to Boomerang. Continue reading →

How To: Add a 911 Shortcut To Your iPhone Home Screen

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t been in a position where you had to call 911 as quickly as possible. In some emergency cases, a few seconds can mean life or death. So what if we could cut out just a few seconds it takes to pull out your cellphone, unlock it, open the phone app and dial three digits? Sure, the iPhone has Emergency Call on the lockscreen, but it’s easier to unlock your phone and tap an icon on your dock that automatically calls 911. We’ll be going over two ways to add contacts on your home screen – one for jailbreakers and one for non-jailbreakers. Let’s get started. Continue reading →

BlackBerry PlayBook Review [Video]

The name “PlayBook” is interesting considering where it comes from (hint: it’s a sports metaphor). The Playbook is RIM’s latest attempt at market viability. This BlackBerry tablet, while enterprise friendly, is trying to gain a foothold in the consumer tablet mountain with their eyes on the summit currently held by Apple. Although the idea of “play” is not something that comes to mind when looking over RIM’s earlier domination of enterprise markets, this concept might get them where they want to be and rescue some of their lost market share from the mountain peak. Continue reading →

Last Week’s Roundup: iPhone Edition

In last week’s Roundup, we’ll be discussing everything iPhone – from leaked photos of the supposed iPhone 5 to Steve Jobs on the Locationgate issue. Let’s get started! Continue reading →